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Top 5 Best Pokemon Cards To Collect

Pokemon trading card game, introduced in 1999, took the world by storm in a span of only 20 years. The fabled Honus Wagner Card to Michael Jordan’s fleer rookie card, the Pokemon cards are in no way less than these. As the Pokemon cards are highly sought after, they also come with a very hefty price. Unlike other sports cards, Pokemon TCG have a history of only 20 years. Still the torrid popularity of this trading card game has attracted the attention of sports card collectors. In this article, we’re going to round up 5 of the best Pokemon cards to collect.

Top 5 Best Pokemon Cards

Best Pokemon cards can be different for different people. One person may find beautiful cards the best ones, whereas someone might find cards that are rare better. We are going to show you what cards we think are the best finds.

Pikachu Illustrator

Pikachu Illustrator is still the most valuable Pokemon Card of all times. This Pokemon Card is referred to as the Honus Wagner of Pokemon Cards. This card is arguably the rarest Pokemon card ever and atop many card collectors wishlists. Reportedly, 39 of these cards were issued to the winners of the Corocoro Comics Illustration in Japan. Currently 6 examples of this card are graded PSA 9 and only 1 example of this card is graded PSA 10. PSA 9 copies usually float around the $50k mark. Recently in November of 2016, a PSA 9 of this card was sold on Heritage Auctions for just under $54k. Then, imagine what the PSA 10 of this card would cost.

Pikachu Trophy Card

In 1997, these cards were handed out in the inaugural tournament to the winners in gold, silver and bronze. These cards are beautiful to look at and well printed less than a hundred copies which makes them all the more special. Only four gold examples are found in the PSA population and one of them are PSA 10.

Surfing Pikachu

This Pikachu card from the X/Y : Evolutions set is loved and highly sought after not because of it’s high power or amazing artwork, but because, it’s a round Pikachu on a surfboard. Just the look of this card can melt anyone’s heart.

First Edition Holo Charizard

These are arguably the most popular and best Pokemon cards in the Pokémon TCG. Due to the sheer awesomeness of the character and it’s huge following, this base set card has won the hearts of all. This card is no less than Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan rookie card. In fact, this is the Charizard Rookie Card. The absence of the drop shadow and the base set symbol at the bottom left corner of the photo shows that this card is a first edition and that’s what makes it so rare and expensive. This Charizard Rookie Card has at times eclipsed the value of the Michael Jordan fleer rookie card.

Tropical Mega Battle

This named Card was issued to the contestants who participated in the 2001 pokemon tournament held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The rarity of this card is what makes it so coveted and expensive.

Pokemon Cards

What Are My 1st Edition Holographic Pokemon Cards Worth?

1st edition holographic Pokemon Cards are, by far, the most sought after cards in the Pokémon TCG series. These cards also fall into the rare department of Pokemon cards. The reason why they are clamored for is because, out of the 102 cards from the initial release, only 16 were holographic. That also coupled with the short run of the holo cards of 10,000 copies of each card approximately. Here is a rundown of the prices of some of the holo Pokemon Cards.

Prices Of The 1st Edition Holographic Pokemon Cards

#1 1999 Pokemon Alakazam Holo

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We started the group with the magical Alakazam. Though, it is not as popular as, well, Blastoise, it still commands a high value for pristine condition. The average value of this card for a PSA 10 is $2,230.

#2 1999 Pokemon Blastoise Holo

This water-pumping Pokemon has a fan base of it’s own. In terms of popularity and desirability, Blastoise will come second to Charizard. As such, among the 1999 1st edition holographic Pokemon cards, this card is the second in terms of the price. The average value of this card is $5,977.

#4 1999 Pokemon Charizard Holo

As we said earlier, Charizard wins the bet by arguably being the most popular Pokemon in the entire franchise. Also known as the de facto face of Pokemon, this character has captured the hearts of everyone by its power and general awesomeness. This 1999 Charizard Card has been compare with the iconic 1952 Mickey Mantle. In PSA 10, this card can sell in as much as $40k. But, generally it sells for around $20k.

#3 1999 Pokemon Chansey Holo

This pink, weird looking, adorable creature can fetch a lot of money when it comes to its 1st edition holo card. A PSA 10 of this card can cost $4,450 in average.

#5 1999 Pokemon Clefairy Holo

This Pokemon is arguably the cutest Pokemon in the base set. A gem or gem mint of this card can fetch upto $2,600.

#6 1999 Pokemon Gyrados Holo

This scary looking Pokemon can also command a hefty price if found in a high grade. Average value of a PSA 10 of this card is $1,750.

#7 1999 Pokemon Hitmonchan Holo

This pugilistic Pokemon’s name was derived from Jackie Chan. This card is not on to throw in the towel, with its amazing boxing skills. The average price of a PSA 10 of this card can cost $4,400.

#8 1999 Pokemon Machamp Holo

This card is relatively less pricier than the other 1st edition holographic Pokemon cards. Its because, one Machamp holo was included in every starter set. A PSA 10 can cost $1,000 in average. As such, Machamp has the lowest values for 1st edition holos.

#9 1999 Pokemon Magneton Holo

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This card shows the trio in a beautiful holo background. The magnetize game triumvirate keeps drawing attention of the card collectors. The average cost of this 1st edition holo Card is approximately $1,550.