How To Grade Pokemon Cards (The Right Way)

How to grade Pokemon cards

Pokemon cards have always been a great field of interest for Pokemon fans all over the world, be it for playing the cards or investing. Pokemon cards have also become a gold mine for earning money. The value of a Pokemon card largely depends on the condition in which it is in. The aunthentic information of the condition of a Pokemon card can only be received through grading the card. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about how to grade Pokemon cards.

How To Grade Pokemon Cards

Card grading is the process of evaluating the quality of your cards. First we’re going to know about the companies for grading Pokemon cards.

Companies For Grading Pokemon Cards

PSA claims to be one of the most reputable card grading companies in the world. Though the market share of PSA is more than any other grading company, there are some more famous and well known Pokemon card grading companies out there. One of those famous and respected grading company is BGS. BGS does not have that huge of a market share as PSA, but still is respected worldwide for it’s more detailed grading scale. Both the grading companies grade the Pokemon cards on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being poor and 10 being Gem/Mint. Though BGS has subgrades which helps it scrutinize the cards even more carefully.

SGC is also another card grading company which offers good service. However, SGC grades are slightly different from the previous two. SGC grades cards on a scale of 1-100. A lot of people are starting to choose SGC over the other two due to their considerably less waiting time.

Pokemon Card Grading Scale

Before you send your card to the grading services, you have to first evaluate yourself what the card condition might be. If your card gets graded lower than PSA 10 and BGS 9.5, there is a high chance of a loss while reselling your card. Again, card grading is somewhat expensive and time consuming. So, it is better to scrutinize the card first yourself.

There are 4 main parameters depending on which the card grades are provided.

  • Centering
  • Corners
  • Edges
  • Surface

If the condition of these 4 things are optimum, then you’re likely to get a good grade for your card.

The Price To Grade Cards

The price can be as little as £7.99 per card through graded Gem. But, express services cost £15.99 or £39.99 depending on how fast you want it graded.

How To Submit Pokemon Cards For Grading

For keeping your cards in optimum condition while sending them to get graded, you have to follow the following steps.

  • First, put your card in a penny sleeve.
  • For the easy pull out of the card, attach a post-it tag to the penny sleeve.
  • Then, put the sleeve in a semi rigid card holder.

The Time To Grade Cards

As we’ve learnt how to grade Pokemon cards, a question that is asked a lot is the time required for grading a card. This year the demand of Pokemon cards have been huge. So, the demand of grading Pokemon cards is a lot more than the supply. Currently, grading a card will take you 6-12 months. The wait time is usually a lot. So, try not to think about it too much.