A Short Guide To Pokemon Cards

Pokemon TCG is a huge industry with it’s millions of fans. If you don’t know a lot about Pokemon cards, here is a guide to the basics of Pokemon TCG.

The emergence of the Pokemon Trading Card Games in 1996 leads to immense excitement amongst Pokémon fans from all over the world. People who grew up watching the Pokemon franchise immediately fell in love with the card game. But, if you don’t know a lot about Pokemon cards, here is a guide to the basics of Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

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The inception of Pokémon TCG happened in 1996 based on Satoshi Tijri’s Pokemon universe. In this game, every card is characterized by a fictional Pokemon character. Each Pokémon has its special powers, strengths, and abilities. This TCG aims to collect the Pokemon cards also known as throwing Poke balls and to win against opponent Pokemons by giving commands as a trainer.

You will create a deck of cards comprising of Pokemon cards, energy cards, and trainer cards. You’ll have to fight against the opponent trainer. Your goal is to knock out the opponent’s Pokemon by inflicting sufficient damage. If you can knock out a Pokémon, you get a prize card.

Basic Rules Of Pokemon Cards Game

In the traditional ways of playing Pokémon TCG, you have to flip a coin to see who makes the first move. But you can also choose based on – who won or lost in the last match, age, the first letter of your name. After that, you’ll shuffle your deck of Pokemon cards and draw out 7 cards.

Basic Pokemon

The first player will play a basic Pokemon on the field. There will be no attacking in the first round. The basic Pokemon played in the first round is known as the active Pokemon. This Pokémon is the one who will attack as is attacked. If you do not pick out any basic card, you’ll have to reshuffle your deck and draw a whole new set of cards. In that case, your opponent gets an extra card.

There is another term known as a ‘bench’ where you can keep five cards to rotate on the field throughout the game. You can upgrade your Pokemon after playing with them for long. These are known as evolved Pokemon. These evolved versions cannot be played directly to the bench. You’ll have to first lay the basic version of the card and on top of it will be the evolved version.

Performing Actions Of Pokemon Cards

Once the game has started, certain actions can be performed like-

  • At first start with a basic card.
  • You can replace the basic card or the Active Pokemon with another card.
  • Upgrade your Pokemons into evolved ones.
  • Use an energy card to boost an attack.
  • Play a trainer card to avail yourself of your opportunities in helping your Pokemons.

Energy Cards

Energy cards are basically to fuel up your Pokemon for it to attack effectively. Each attack of every Pokemon costs a certain amount of energy which is paid through energy cards.

Trainer Cards

Trainer Cards allow trainers to help out their Pokemons either by reviving them or by healing their damages.

Building Decks

You can have 2 kinds of decks.

  • Pre-constructed deck
  • Building your deck

Pre-constructed decks are obviously the easier and better way if you’re a beginner. Pre-constructed decks offer a good variety of Pokemon cards in your deck. But, if you build your deck, it will be unique and made accordingly to your preference with the right ratio of energy, trainer, and Pokemon cards. So, you will be able to play the game efficiently.

Pre-constructed Deck

Pre-constructed decks are a must-have for beginners. It contains the right number of energy cards, trainer cards, and active cards to get you started with the game. If you are looking for well-balanced decks but you can’t make one, then pre-constructed decks are the way to go. But, you have to remember that, these decks are easily available and can be purchased by anyone. So, your deck will be nothing from the ordinary. Some pre-constructed decks are made following the decks of world champions. Though you cannot play with the deck in any official tournament, it’s nice to play with your friends.

Building Your Own Deck

You can also build your own deck when you think you’re ready. Building your own deck has a number of advantages. You are the only one who knows your strategies and how you play. So, if you’re the one building your deck, it’s going to be just what you wanted and is going to help your gameplay. It’s also going to be unique. And it can also give you satisfaction for building it.

Therefore, I hope this article was helpful to you. Pokemon trading card game can be a little tricky at first. But, once you get a hang of it, it’s going to be pretty easy and fun. Just remember the steps mentioned earlier and you’re good to go. So, start collecting your Pokemon cards now, build your deck and get ready for your first tournament. We, hope you enjoy your play. And, lastly, you have to catch’em all.

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