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The Top Grading Companies For Pokemon Cards Out There

After the introduction of Pokemon trading card games (TCG) in 1996, Pokemon fans from all around the world have wanted to get their hands on these intricately designed, hugely popular cards no matter what. While being an amazing sport, Pokemon cards are also a gold mine for investment opportunities. And as we all know, for getting a good deal on your cards, grading them is a must. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about the top grading companies to grade and authenticate your Pokemon cards. So, let’s get right into it.

The Top Grading Companies For Pokemon Cards

PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator)

PSA is seen as the largest and most reliable card grading company in the world. Not only Pokemon cards, but PSA also grades sports cards and other collectible cards. PSA grades the cards on a scale of 1-10. 10 being pristine and 1 being poor. While grading Pokemon cards, the value and authenticity of your card will depend on the concerned grading company. So, most of the card collectors find themselves returning to PSA for their grades.

‘99 Holo Charizard Gem Mint PSA 10

PSA has 4 submission types as to how you want to grade your cards.


As you expected, this is pretty self-explanatory. PSA authenticates and grades raw cards using their 10 point scale.


PSA accepts the cards that have been previously graded by any other company for a crossover into a PSA holder for a more thorough authentication.


If you are not satisfied with the PSA grading of your card and think your card is worthy of a higher category, you can get them reviewed again by PSA.


If you’ve graded your cards earlier from PSA and you want to encapsulate them using PSA’s most current holder, you can do so through the reholder method.

BGS (Beckett Grading Services)

Next up in our list of the top grading companies for Pokemon cards is BGS. In the business from 1999, BGS considers itself the most respected grading company after PSA.

’99 Holo Charizard BGS 10

Again, similar to PSA, BGS also grades their cards on a scale of 1-10. However, BGS grades their cards on 4 subcategories:

  • Centering
  • Corners
  • Edges
  • Surface

The most heavily weighted in determining the overall grade of the card among the four categories is the lowest-ranked one. For example,

A card has: Centering=9.5 corners=9.5 edges=9 surface=8

Then, the final grade will be an 8.5. Though the surface grading was 8 which was the lowest and most obvious defect, the higher grades on centering and corners were strong enough to reach the extra 0.5 marks. After that, the cards are encapsulated through “slabs”. BGS has been operating this way since 1999.

SGC (Sports Guaranty Corporation)

SGC started its operation on grading cards in 1998 after the ’98 home run chase when people started watching baseball again. Hileman, the director of grading, estimates that SGC grades 10,000 cards per month. Both, PSA and SGC use similar procedures in grading cards. However, PSA has 13 full-time card graders, SGC has four. While SGC’s grading procedures are similar to PSA’s, SGC has a slightly different approach to grades starting from 10-100. For example, a Gem Mint 10 for PSA, is a 98 grade for SGC. A PSA 9 is equivalent to an SGC 96. Again, an 8.5 by PSA is a 92 rating for SGC.

All in all, SGC’s reputation definitely puts it on our list for the top grading companies for Pokemon cards.

Grading cards
‘99 Holo Gyarados SGC 92

Though all the card grading companies are quite similar, the major differentiating factor is the huge difference in resale value. The value of an SGC card is very low compared to a BGS card and even lower than a PSA card. For reference, we can compare the prices of the base set Charizard on eBay.

Beckett 10 (2017) – $55,000 PSA 10 (May, 2020)- $74,990

Final Thoughts

There are other grading companies like GMA, which are semi reputable and grade your cards at an incredibly cheaper rate of $3 a regular card and $4 for thicker cards. The average cost to grade is $10-$20 plus shipping. But the credibility of your card grades lessens drastically. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is your choice where you want to grade your cards. We really hope you found our list of the top grading companies for Pokemon cards helpful. We can not finish this article without saying, you have to catch ’em all.

Pokemon Cards


After the inception of Pokemon TCG in 1999, Pokemon fans from all over the world were trying to get their hands on the Pokemon cards. Once again Pokemon card prices startled it's fans after a historic same of the 1999 Pokemon Charizard card at dollar 220,574 concluded by Iconic Auctions on Friday. This sale made a record of the highest auction price ever released for a 1999 Pokemon 1st edition Charizard in PSA gem mint 10 condition. This card is the Pokemon TCG series is equivalent to the sports world's 1986 -87 Fleer Michael Jordan #57, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 and 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky #18.

This Charizard 1st edition card had a high position in the Hall of Fame because of it's highest hit points and a signature attack more powerful than any other card from this inaugural release. This card is iconic because of its outstanding artwork by Mitsohiro Arita and became the most desired card in the set.

Charizard Card Bought By Rapper Logic

Charizard cards were always in high demand in the hobby but this PSA 10 1st edition Base set Charizard caught the eye of Twitch streamer and former rapper Logic. His song “1-800-273-8255” was a nominee for doing of the year in 2018 at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The song brought attention to the growing suicide rate because of the title of the song which was the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number. Though he recently retired as a rapper, he also signed a seven-figure deal earlier this year with Twitch as their first exclusive partnership with the musician.

An interesting fact about this post is that logic struggled to collect Pokemon cards in his younger days which he explained in the Instagram post of this photo. Logic recently bought the 1999 1st edition hollow Charizard card in December 2019 for dollar 36,110.54 in an eBay auction.

Card Price Determining Factor

This iconic Charizard card is arguably the most popular one in the Pokemon TCG series. The 1999 hollow Charizard is a card that every Pokemon fan clamours for. One thing to add is that you're not going to get thousands of dollars after selling one base set Charizard card. Though the 1999 Pokemon Charizard has a couple of different versions, all of them are highly sought after and retailed for a decent amount of money. But it's the first edition version butter by a small bit of full which is worth the most.

Though the kind of cards are the prime determining factor of the price of them, still the condition of the cards is also a big driver of their massive sales. Only the best of the best cards are the ones that get sold at a tremendous price point. Only two of these hollow Charizard cards have been graded BGS 19 Pristine. As for just PSA 19 copies, there were a hundred and then of them. So, if your 1999 1st edition hollow Charizard card is not in perfect condition, odds are that you're card will also hold a decent price. But it may not sell for thousands of dollars.

Card Collecting Pokemon Cards

Top 5 Best Pokemon Cards To Collect

Pokemon trading card game, introduced in 1999, took the world by storm in a span of only 20 years. The fabled Honus Wagner Card to Michael Jordan’s fleer rookie card, the Pokemon cards are in no way less than these. As the Pokemon cards are highly sought after, they also come with a very hefty price. Unlike other sports cards, Pokemon TCG have a history of only 20 years. Still the torrid popularity of this trading card game has attracted the attention of sports card collectors. In this article, we’re going to round up 5 of the best Pokemon cards to collect.

Top 5 Best Pokemon Cards

Best Pokemon cards can be different for different people. One person may find beautiful cards the best ones, whereas someone might find cards that are rare better. We are going to show you what cards we think are the best finds.

Pikachu Illustrator

Pikachu Illustrator is still the most valuable Pokemon Card of all times. This Pokemon Card is referred to as the Honus Wagner of Pokemon Cards. This card is arguably the rarest Pokemon card ever and atop many card collectors wishlists. Reportedly, 39 of these cards were issued to the winners of the Corocoro Comics Illustration in Japan. Currently 6 examples of this card are graded PSA 9 and only 1 example of this card is graded PSA 10. PSA 9 copies usually float around the $50k mark. Recently in November of 2016, a PSA 9 of this card was sold on Heritage Auctions for just under $54k. Then, imagine what the PSA 10 of this card would cost.

Pikachu Trophy Card

In 1997, these cards were handed out in the inaugural tournament to the winners in gold, silver and bronze. These cards are beautiful to look at and well printed less than a hundred copies which makes them all the more special. Only four gold examples are found in the PSA population and one of them are PSA 10.

Surfing Pikachu

This Pikachu card from the X/Y : Evolutions set is loved and highly sought after not because of it’s high power or amazing artwork, but because, it’s a round Pikachu on a surfboard. Just the look of this card can melt anyone’s heart.

First Edition Holo Charizard

These are arguably the most popular and best Pokemon cards in the Pokémon TCG. Due to the sheer awesomeness of the character and it’s huge following, this base set card has won the hearts of all. This card is no less than Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan rookie card. In fact, this is the Charizard Rookie Card. The absence of the drop shadow and the base set symbol at the bottom left corner of the photo shows that this card is a first edition and that’s what makes it so rare and expensive. This Charizard Rookie Card has at times eclipsed the value of the Michael Jordan fleer rookie card.

Tropical Mega Battle

This named Card was issued to the contestants who participated in the 2001 pokemon tournament held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The rarity of this card is what makes it so coveted and expensive.

Pokemon Cards

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Rare Pokemon Cards

With the advent of Pokemon TCG in the United States in 1999, Pokemon cards were collected and played by the young and old alike. Over the years, some of the older cards have become rare or some cards were printed in a limited stock in the first place. These rare or hard to find cards have become hugely coveted along with coming with a huge price tag. Though extremely expensive, rare Pokemon cards are worth the buy. In this article, we’re going to share 5 reasons as to why you should invest in rare Pokemon cards. So, let’s get started.

Reasons To Invest In Rare Pokemon Cards

Rare Cards Are Worth More Than You Think

A man named Gary appeared on Pawn Stars with a range of Pokemon cards which he announced was worth $500k dollars. Though the announcement was shocking, it was later found out that the collection on Pawn stars was only a fraction of his collection. His entire collection is worth $5 million approx. A rare first edition card can hold tremendous value.

The famous YouTuber, Logan Paul, recently bought a PSA 10 first edition Charizard for $150,000 from Pawn Stars. And this price tag is not even close to the highest purchase price of the rarest Pokemon cards. The Pikachu Illustrator was sold for a whopping price of $233,000

The average price of a Pokemon Card is pretty low. But, these rare collectibles are worth a lot of money. A Holographic shadowless 1999 base set Charizard can cost from $150,000 to $200.000. Cards that are not even that rare can cost a lot depending on their condition. Like, a holo Charizard can cost from $5,00 to $10,000 though there are over 10,000 of them in the market.

Pokemon Cards Have A Global Market

Perhaps we all know, after the inception of the anime, Pokemon characters took the world by storm. So, when Pokemon TCG was introduced, it attracted the entire world’s attention. Therefore, if you invested in a pricy card and you want to sell it with a decent ROI, you won’t have a problem finding a buyer. This Pokémon Card collection is far from being a niche interest.

The Market Can Be Known Quite Easily

Rare Pokemon Cards investing does not require a very in-depth knowledge of the topic, it is rather easier than investing in, suppose, real estate or the stock market. The information that you need to start investing on Pokemon cards can all be found online. It does not even require a lot of research.

The Price Of A Specific Card Can Be Found Easily

You can find the price of a card that you are willing to buy or sell all through easy steps online. The price of Pokemon cards are public knowledge, so each of your investments will be well informed. A website to easily find out the price of a card that was recently sold or is on sale is

Pokemon Cards Can Be Stored Easily

Pokemon cards are easy to carry and store. Again it doesn’t take a lot of effort to store them. Storage solutions for the purpose of storing Pokemon cards in the form of pockets and binders are easily available.