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Top Charizard Pokemon Cards To Invest In TODAY

Charizard is arguably the most popular Pokemon character and has the most sought for Pokemon cards in the card collecting community. Due to the character’s general awesomeness, Charizard cards have always been in high demand. During 1999, the early stages of Pokemon, when only 151 characters were there, Charizard was the key to the base set. As Charizard cards are popular, they can be extremely expensive. But a huge ROI (Return On Investment) can be attained from Charizard cards if invested in the right ones. In this article, we’re going to talk about the top Charizard Pokemon cards to invest in.

Charizard Pokemon Cards To Invest In

1999 Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Charizard #4

This card was the most popular card among the original 151 characters. Aside from having a popular character, this card also has one of the strongest attack ratings at 100. The card shows a photo of Charizard at the top surrounded by chrome flames which gives it an iconic look. It has a small label on the left hand side showing it as a base set card. A lot of these Charizard Pokemon cards have been lost and destroyed by now, so, a Gem/Mint version of this card is very rare and expensive. This card is a very good investment and can result in great ROI than the later editions.

2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard #21

This is a non-shiny, Dark Charizard, which is affiliated to the Team Rocket release. Even though, it was released in 2000, it is still worth a hefty price. Dark Charizard is seemingly possessed and is used as an evil version of the character. The card shows a photo of the Pokemon with it’s back turned, looking at you out of the corner of it’s eye. The Mint or above version of these Charizard Pokemon cards will surely be great investment pieces.

2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107

Manufactured in 2002 from the Neo Destiny release, the Shining Charizard is another base set card. The design is almost the same with the orange background and a photo of a flying Charizard at the top. The base set stamp is at the lower left of the photo.

2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates GX Charizard #SV49

Released 17 years after the Shining Charizard, this card was part of the Sun & Moon Hidden Fates release. The Pokemon has a whopping 250 HP with a 300 damage attack. All in all, A great modern Charizard Pokemon cards investment which can sell upto a four-figure range for a PSA 10.

2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Charizard & Braixen GX #251

Part of the same Sun & Moon release, this modern Charizard card is also a ‘tag-team’ edition card. The card shows a photo of Charizard joined by Braixen in a beautifully illustrated form. The photo covers the entire card which is a holographic picture of the duo. It’s worth a pretty hefty amount for gem mint copies. Again, this card is very rare and extremely condition-sensitive.